Fundraising Ideas For College

Fundraising Ideas For College

How do you get co-eds to attend your fundraising event?  Simple!  Get social.

Co-eds love to socialize.  They love a party, they love events, they love an excuse to get out of the library for an afternoon!  So when you need students to attend your event, make it social and nothing will keep them away.

Here are five fundraising ideas for college:

1.  Have a Theme

Ever notice how more people seem to show up for toga parties and luaus than regular parties?  It’s the theme!  Co-eds love a theme where they can dress up and have fun.

2.  Put Your Best Face Forward

Get your most charismatic and dynamic group members on board and arm them with flyers, stickers, posters and of course, tickets to sell.  Their naturally social personalities will set the tone and get support.

3.  Team Up- Fundraising Ideas For College

Teaming up with other fundraising groups is a great opportunity for people to socialize with others outside their regular group.  It’s also an opportunity to expand your regular support base.

4.  Present a Challenge

Not only are co-eds social, they’re also competitive.  Have students make teams for games, or have a “best dressed” challenge.  Any activity or event that adds some friendly competition to the mix is sure to attract support.

5.  Go Online

Go Online is one of the Successful fundraising ideas for college. Set up a Facebook or MySpace page for your event where people can leave comments, see who is attending and share photos before and after the event.

There’s no question that college students are social beings.  Many of them also have charitable interests and really do want to support college initiatives.  Bringing a strong social aspect to your fundraiser can really help you secure the student body support you need.

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