Why Fundraise with Cookie Dough?

There’s a reason why cookie dough is a choice fundraising idea among organizations. In fact, there are several. Just to name a few, the variety of flavors, the storage capabilities, the taste and the high profit rate.

Imagine the selection of flavors you can make, bake, and serve as a tasteful and tasty investment for your team. Containers of proportioned cookie dough mix will usually yield enough for several servings, but tend to come in compact sizes for efficiency and distribution’s sake. This kind of convenience is unrivalled!

Some online fundraising services, like eFundraising.com, will even sort bulk cookie dough orders for schools by the student, and for your convenience, they’ll deliver quantities of almost any size within two weeks. Cookie dough fundraising is an excellent concept for larger sized groups such as schools, because every step from baking to eating them is a fun which is why it is a popular fundraiser for families and children’s classrooms to participate in.

Fundraising consultants are always there for you and to help you get started they will be happy to send a free information kit your way with all of the cookie dough fundraising details enclosed.

This is a tried and true fundraising opportunity for you. Cookie dough is risk free; a proven and popular method to the success of charities and profit making projects. See if cookie dough might be the product for you!

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