Top Student Fundraising Ideas

Top Student Fundraising Ideas

School budgets have been getting tighter and tighter by the year. However, we still want our students to enjoy all of the educational opportunities and activities that they have had in the past. One approach that many schools have used to address this problem is to engage in student fundraising. But it need not be boring, time-consuming, or frustrating. If you have products that are both practical and unusual, people will be eager to take part in your fundraising campaign. And don’t forget that in this day and age of modern technology, tech savvy students know how to get the word out there using social media.

Here are the top 3 student fundraising ideas from

  1. Brochure Fundraisers

Brochures otherwise known as Order Takers can help you raise a significant amount of money for your sports team, school trip, cheerleader squad, band competition, yearbook club or any other school initiative. This is a great campaign because your student fundraising committee can offer a range of products without having to carry them around to do your selling. The groups get the brochures and tallies, and the members can tell the world about what you have to sell via Facebook, Twitter, an email blitz, the school website or even a special website for fundraising. You can find a great variety of brochures and products within from our friends at and

  1. Selling sweets in the school

When it comes to products that fly off the shelves—or out of your locker—students will often find a strong market for selling fundraiser sweets in school. But selling candies is not the same as it used to be; make sure that you’re complying with your State nutritional rules for School Fundraisers. The good news is that we’ve been seeing some delicious treats emerging that are compliant with these norms.

  1. Selling school supplies

This is an excellent fundraising idea because it raises money and provides a practical product kids would buy anyhow. Students need school supplies, so why not raise some money and provide students products that they can use? Popular school supplies collections are things like Smencils, Smens and Smarkers. These products are not only popular for fundraising, but they are also practical.

For most schools, fundraising is needed for them to offer all of the services and programs that kids and parents expect. To help provide the activities you want and deserve, try taking part and participate in school fundraisers. We wish you the best of lucks in your next fundraiser!

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