Top 10 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Top 10 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Looking for great ideas for hot summer fundraisers?  Here are our top 10 summer fundraising ideas:

1.  Car Wash

This tried-and-true fundraiser is a natural choice for summer since groups of just about all sizes can run a profitable car wash.

2.  Barbecue

Summer and hotdogs go hand in hand, and with hotdogs being one of the most economical barbecue choices, they’re the perfect menu item for a summer barbecue fundraiser.

3.  Online Fundraising

You’ll especially love fundraising online in the summer because most online fundraisers are so quick and easy that you’ll be set up in a matter of minutes, which means more time for yourself to enjoy the sunny days of summer!

A great one to try out is eFundraising.  It’s fast, FREE and easy.

4.  Just-for-Fun Game

Sports like baseball, football and basketball are lots of fun in the summer, and also a great way to raise funds.  Organize fun games like parents vs. kids, girls vs. boys, etc, and charge a small fee to join a team, or allow people to join in with a donation amount of their choice.

5.  Bike-A-Thon

Or any “thon” that gets your group outside and enjoying the summer weather.

6.  Yard Sale

A yard sale is a great way to clear the clutter, and raise lots of money.  It does take some pre-planning though.

7.  Lollipop Sale

Nothing sells faster than lollipops, especially at sporting events, community get-togethers, and other fun summer activities.  They’re also easy to carry and won’t melt on a hot day.

8.  Pool Party

If you have the resources (a pool for starters, and also proper supervision if you’re working with children), a pool party is an awesome fundraiser idea for summer!  Sell snacks, raffle off prizes, and set up carnival-type games like a ring toss!

9.  Water Balloon Fight

Find a large open space in your community, like a park or field, and organize the biggest water balloon fight anyone has ever seen!  You can either charge per water balloon, or make it a team sport where people pay a team fee to enter.

10.  Concert in the Park

A concert takes a lot of planning, but if you have the resources it can be a huge success.  Put together a showcase of local talent for your concert.  Many local bands will play for free because it’s a great opportunity for them to display their talents, and this is especially popular if you’re working with kids and teens!

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