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Popcorn Fundraiser, Perfect for Sports Teams

Sporting events are community-oriented activities that cater to the mind, body, and spirit.

Each season, leagues and teams get organized, get motivated and get active, but it’s no secret that rigorous fundraising must take place all year round in order to keep these programs running.

Sporting events can also serve as a fundraising tool for many other types of groups. Arranging a friendly softball, dodgeball or ultimate Frisbee tournament with co-workers or competitors is an invaluable opportunity to raise group morale and turn fun into funds.

Good news! The USA Fundraising team has found a fundraising idea that is designed specifically for sport-themed fundraisers. You’ve seen it at the movies and professional events, and you may have enjoyed it at home or as a snack. We’re talking about popcorn, and it goes hand in hand with professional events and their related engagements, cheerleading and other sporting competitions.

You may wonder how popcorn can cater to sports…well for one, it’s one of the healthiest and most convenient snacks to store and distribute, especially as a microwavable non-perishable food. The most impressive part is the sports themed designs that are available. The popcorn will transform into great sports shapes like baseballs and basketballs when they fill their own temperature resistant packaging. Furthermore, popcorn satisfies all ages. Whether it’s butter or kettle corn flavor, these are munchies for every denomination! Popcorn never goes out of style. Think about it, movie theatres, concession stands, carnivals and amusement parks all make big business using popcorn as a tool.

Your supporters, teams, coaches, leaders and fundraising coordinators will enjoy serving this tasty treat as a fundraising idea for their next game. Cooked in sunflower oil, it’s healthy too! More information is available here or call 1.866.891.0053 to request a free info guide or to reach a fundraising consultant who can help you decide if popcorn fundraising is right for you.


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