Top 5 unique fundraising ideas for schools

Top 5 unique fundraising ideas for schools

Sure it’s summer, but what better time to get a jump start on your school fundraising calendar?here are some unique fundraising ideas for schools.

Summer’s in full swing, but before you know it, the back-to-school season will be here again.  And that means time for school fundraisers.  Planning ahead is a great way to be ready for the busy season.

To help get you started, here are five of our favorite unique fundraising ideas for school fundraisers:

Peanut-Free Chocolate

When you think ‘school fundraiser’ what’s the first thing you think of?  Most people immediately think of chocolate and candy bars.  That’s because it’s an easy fundraiser to organize, it’s low cost to you and your supporters, and it’s really easy to sell.

However, many schools today have banned peanut products due to severe allergies.  The solution?  Chocolate!  It has all the benefits of a traditional chocolate fundraiser (including the creamy, delicious taste!), and several are certified peanut-free.

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Crazy Dress Days-Unique Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Kids love to dress up!  Even high school-ers love these fun and crazy fundraising days.  You can organize anything from “Wacky Hat Day” to “Black Tie Tuesday” to “Backwards Day”.  A really fun one is the “Switch-er-oo” – students dress like their favorite teacher, and teachers dress like students!

Students pay a small fee to participate.  Because the event doesn’t cost anything to organize, all the money you collect will be pure profit.

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Unique Fundraising Ideas for Schools

This is one of our favorite fundraisers for school because:

• There are no door-to-door sales.
• You never handle cash, products, order forms or deliveries.
• Getting parents involved is easy because of how simple it is for them to help out on their own time.
• It’s easy to motivate students because they can earn prizes by participating.
• Sales and participation are automatically tracked for you online.

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Cookie Dough-

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Cookie dough is fast becoming a fundraising standard for schools.  That’s because the profits are so high, and the product is really easy to sell.

Available in scoop-n-bake (tubs of dough), or place-n-bake (boxes of pre-portioned, unbaked cookies), and a range of decadent flavors, this convenient treat is a favorite of busy families.

A fun, profit-boosting idea is to set up a table at a bake sale or other school event.  Take orders, or pre-order dough and sell it directly.

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Unique Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Getting local businesses to donate items like bicycles, sporting equipment, books, toys or gift certificates is a great way to get a raffle started.  If you can’t get items donated, raffle off intangible rewards like lunch in the teacher’s lounge, the chance to throw a pie at the principal, teacher-for-a-day, or a week’s use of the principal’s chair.

Some states restrict the sale of raffle tickets.  In this case, one option is to sell low cost items like lollipops or beef snacks, and give raffle tickets as the free gift with purchase.  Be sure to check with state officials first though.

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