Tupperware as a School Fundraiser

Tupperware as a School Fundraiser

I know what you are thinking: as soon as you hear “Tupperware,” you think of a bunch of moms getting together and purchasing to their hearts’ content. But believe it or not, Tupperware is also a great school fundraiser.

It’s not because I’m a mom and Tupperware’s ideal customer, but I really DO love Tupperware Fundraisers! Why? First of all, they are a lot of fun. There are so many neat things to buy. And they have great toys for your kids. Remember the Shape-O Toy we all played with when we were growing up? Well, Tupperware is the only one that sells them now! Why not have your kids play with the great things you played with too?

They also have all kinds of great snack sets for your child. From the Go Diego Go Lunch Set to Dora the Explorer Meal & Snack Set to SpongeBob SquarePants sandwich keeper set. Not to mention all the great items from Disney such as Mickey Ice Tups, Tinker Bell ThirstBreak Tumbler, Ariel Lunch Set, Disney Princess Canister Set and so much more!!

Besides fun and practical products (like the Forget Me Not Set, to store your half onions, tomato or citrus), your school or organization gets to keep 40% of all retail purchases. There are no start up costs, it’s fast and easy to set up, and you receive all your goods within two to four weeks of ordering.

Tupperware fundraisers have kept up with the times; you can now even have online Tupperware fundraiser parties ! You just have to email your guests with the special offers and your online party is active for two weeks. Now that’s a party!!!

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