Ultimate Summer Fundraiser – Magazines

Ultimate Summer Fundraiser – Magazines

What makes magazines the ultimate summer fundraiser?  We’ve got 10 reasons that are sure to have you convinced!

We’re not talking about just any magazine fundraiser – we’re talking about the Online Magazine Fundraiser from eFundraising.

10 reasons to choose eFundraising this summer:

1. Safe- Ultimate Summer Fundraiser

There are no door-to-door sales.

2. Stress-Free

You never handle cash, inventory, order forms or deliveries.

3. 100% FREE

You never pay anything.

4. Easy- Ultimate Summer Fundraiser

Contact and encourage participants by email – more efficient than planning a meeting or getting on the phone.

5. Prizes

There’s a built-in prize program to get your group members motivated – now featuring iPhones and a 42” flat screen TV!

6. Wide Reach

Participants contact supporters by email, which means they can reach out to friends and family all across the country.

7. Great Product- Ultimate Summer Fundraiser

Did you know that about half of all US adults purchase their magazines through subscriptions?  Just imagine if everyone you knew purchased their subscriptions through your fundraiser!

8. Personal Touch

You can customize your online magazine fundraiser with color, text and even a group photo to give it a special, personal touch.

9. Automated Reports

Want to keep track of who’d participating, and how much?  Want to see how close you are to your goal?  It’s all done for you!  Quickly and easily check online profit, progress and participation reports anytime.

10. 40% Profit

Your group gets 40% of all sales from your magazine store.

All these reasons (and more!) make the Online Magazine Ultimate Summer Fundraiser ideal any time of year, but especially in the summer.  People often go on vacation, or have summer activities that make it difficult to get your group together.  Also, many people welcome the chance to use their summers to relax and have fun.  That’s why an easy, profitable, no-fuss fundraiser like eFundraising is perfect for summer.

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