Unique Fundraising Flyer Ideas

Unique Fundraising Flyer Ideas

Need to create a fundraising flyer for your next campaign?  You can create a fantastic flyer in just 3 steps.  It’s easy to do, and can really help you effectively promote your fundraiser and reach your goal. Fundraising flyer ideas are great way to advertise your fundraiser and gain community support for your cause.  You can easily create a great flyer for your fundraiser by following these 3 steps:

Step 1 – Gather your information

To be sure you have all the information you need for your fundraising flyer, make a What, When, Where, Why, Who and How list:

What type of fundraiser are you having?
When will the fundraiser take place?
Where will the fundraiser be held?
Why are you raising money?
Who is the person or group to contact for more information?
How can someone participate or support your fundraiser?

By having this information all in one list, you can check everything off as you design your flyer.  That way, you know you haven’t left anything out.

Step 2 – Plan your design

The design of your flyer is where you can have fun and show off you creativity.  However, it’s important that the flyer is easy to read.

Here are a few fundraising flyer ideas to help you along:


– Dark lettering on a light-colored background is easiest to read.

– If you have a catchy slogan that you want to feature, you can make it stand out by printing it in a bright color, but it’s best to print your important information in black.


– Images can make your flyer design more exciting, but if you’re printing in black and white, be sure the images you choose aren’t distorted by black and white print.

– If using images, make sure they are relevant to your fundraiser and/or group.

– If your group has a logo, be sure to include this on your flyer.


– Printing with colored ink can be expensive.  A more cost-effective choice for adding color is to use light-colored paper, and print in black ink.

– Paper with a colorful, graphic border is a great way to brighten up your flyer, but paper with an all-over design will make it harder to read.

Once you’ve designed your flyer, print a copy, post it on your wall at eye level, and take a few steps back.  Can you clearly see the purpose of the flyer?  Does it catch your eye?  Is there anything about the design that could make it better?  Remember, the key is for it to be both exciting and easy to read.

Step 3 – Print your flyer

For just a few flyers, you can probably use your home printer, but for several hundred, it will be less expensive to go to a copy center.

– Consider asking your place of business, or a local printing company if they will donate printing services.

 Often a local printing company or copy center will be happy to print your flyers at no cost if you agree to include their logo in your design.

– If you can’t get your printing donated, shop around at different copy centers and office supply stores for the best price.

As a final note, be sure to factor the cost of printing into your fundraising budget.

Once you’ve completed these 3 steps, you should have a fantastic fundraising flyer that will get the whole community involved in supporting your cause!

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