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Unique Fundraising Idea: Think Outside the Box for Your Car Wash

Car wash fundraisers are an American tradition!  Get great fundraising ideas for making your next car wash stand out from the crowd and be even more profitable.

Car wash fundraisers are an American tradition!  A good car wash, at a low price is a great service, and it’s something people want anyway, which is why car wash fundraisers are such a success.  However, if you really want to stand out from the car wash crowd, put a unique twist on your fundraiser (and boost your profits!) with a snack bar!
On a nice sunny day, people like to get out of the car, stretch their legs, and chat with neighbors at a car wash.  Make your car wash an extra special event by setting up a small snack bar for people to buy snacks and cold drinks while they mingle with friends and wait for their shiny clean car!

Here are some great sellers at car washes:

  • Cans of soda

You can usually buy drinks in bulk at your local bulk grocery store, and then sell them for a small profit.  Volunteers and community members can donate baked goods, and snacks can actually be purchased directly from your fundraising company.   By purchasing from your fundraising company, you’ll be getting your snacks at a much lower price than you would typically find in a grocery store, and they can personalize some snack wrappers with your group name and logo, which can be a lot of fun!

To hold a car wash/snack bar, you need the usual car wash supplies, and these items for your snack bar:

1. A sturdy table
2. A cash box (and a responsible adult to watch over it!)
3. Plenty of change to start out with
4. A cooler with plenty of ice to keep candy bars from melting
5. A large barrel filled with ice for drinks
6. A price list that customers can easily see

A snack bar is the perfect way to make your car wash fundraiser more fun for everyone, and even more profitable for you and your group.  All it takes is a little planning and a smile!

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Happy Fundraising!  : )


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