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Unique Ideas for Church Fundraising

Here are some unique church fundraising ideas which will allow you to preach God’s word and fundraise at the same time!

Looking for some unique church fundraising ideas? Believe it or not, we’ve got a few that will get your congregation really anxious to start fundraising!


How about a fundraiser that will help your church raise funds, and at the same time you will be able to pass on God’s message to people? Pretty neat, hun? Well you can do so with a t-shirt fundraiser. The average t-shirt is read around 3000 times before it’s thrown out; imagine how many people you can reach. There are t-shirts such as: Abreadcrumb & Fish, Isaiah 40:31, God’s Property, Thy Will be Done..and you can even personalize the t-shirt with your own church’s message. Check it out at

Cookie Dough

What about a cookie dough fundraiser? It’s always great to have your fellow brothers and sisters pass by, you always want to stay close with those who share your beliefs. Not prepared for their surprise visit? No problem, you can just get some frozen cookie dough out of the freezer and in minutes serve some freshly baked cookies. These are great to serve after your bible studies, for your church bake sales, or just whenever you would like some great cookies to give you energy to do God’s will. Come on..try’ll remember us!

Pumpkins & Prayer Rocks

We found some other great church fundraising ideas at  Of all the ones mentioned, these were our personal favorites:  Grow some  pumpkins in time for Halloween or Thanksgiving and sell them to your community members. We all use pumpkins at these times of the year!!! And the last one for today…prayer rocks! Get some children from your church to help a farmer pick up the stones before he seeds his field. Then, the children can paint the stones and glue prayers or scriptures on them. These prayer rocks can then in turn be sold to raise money for your church.

Happy Church Fundraising 🙂


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