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Unique Video Clip Fundraising Idea

With the incredible growth of YouTube and other video sharing sites, sharing videos of our friends, family, and community is as natural as using Hotmail was in ’99! We all have the power to share our message with the world through video – but can you give an online video as a gift? How about using your videos to create a beautiful and fun gift that supporters can hold in their hands? offers one of the most unique fundraising ideas I’ve seen yet: making your own videos into stylish flipbooks.

Remember flipbooks? I used to waste hours – and entire notepads – trying to draw my own stick-figure flipbooks, and I never tired of it. Now all I need to do is upload my videos to and I can create flipbooks of my own personal memories (and no crude stick figures)!

FlipClips offers a discount of 20% to all non-profit organizations, making this a great fundraising idea. Your group orders as many flipbooks as it needs, and can sell it for more to raise the money you need.

Here are some ideas that organizations have used for their FlipClips fundraiser:

  • Create a FlipClip from a special group event for students or members to cherish.
  • – Create a FlipClip of the students in your class for parents and family to order.
  • – Allow group members to submit ideas, then have a meeting with all of your members and vote on the best videos to turn into FlipClips.

Many organizations are also using FlipClips to capture a special moment of their organization and give it as a gift to their donors – and yes, you still receive the non-profit discount if you are ordering it as a gift for donors and not a fundraiser item.

To get the non-profit discount, email sairam [at] (replace [at] with the @ symbol).


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