4 Reasons Why Choose Cookie Dough for Fundraising

4 Reasons Why Choose Cookie Dough for Fundraising

Why choose cookie dough fundraising?  Here are 4 reasons that are sure to have you convinced!

We can’t get enough of cookie dough fundraisers, especially with all the delicious varieties and even healthier cookie dough options to choose from.  And we think you’ll love cookie dough too!  If you haven’t tried raising funds with cookie dough yet, here are 4 reasons that you can take to the bank: 

1.  It’s easy to sell.

Just list the mouth watering flavors and show the colourful brochures to supporters… then tell them how fast and easy it is to scoop-and-bake or place-and-bake the dough to get warm, gooey, irresistible cookies fresh out of the oven.  They’ll be knocking down your door to place their orders!

2.  The profits are high.

You can raise up to 55% profit with some varieties of cookie dough.  But what does that really mean?  Let’s say your cookie dough sells for $12 per tub (a nice price for such a yummy treat, and one tub typically makes about 4 dozen cookies!).  At 55% profit, your group will be making $6.60 profit on every tub sold!  That’s a lot of dough for selling… dough 🙂

3.  It’s a product people actually want.

Many people express concern over sales fundraisers because they don’t like the idea of friends and family feeling obligated to purchase something they don’t really want.  With cookie dough fundraising, we’ve heard of many groups that have past supporters begging them to bring back their cookie dough fundraiser because they want more!

4.  There are no upfront costs.

Cookie dough is a pre-sale or order-taker fundraiser.  Participants go out with brochures and order forms, and take orders from friends and family.  They collect the money at that time, and then you place your group’s full order at the end of the fundraiser.  You pay for the cookie dough with a portion of the money collected, and keep the rest as your profit.  You don’t pay for any product upfront.

Doesn’t that make you want to start why choose cookie dough fundraising right now?!  If you’re planning to try out this fantastic fundraising money-maker (and we hope you are), here are a few things to keep in mind:

–  Be sure you have refrigerating facilities to store the cookie dough from the time you receive it until it is delivered to supporters.

–  Selling time should be about 2 weeks – not too long, but long enough to give participants 2 weekends for selling.

–  When planning your fundraiser, remember to factor in delivery time for order forms and brochures, as well as delivery time for your cookie dough order.  Call your fundraising company ahead of time to be sure you have all the details.

Ready to start your cookie dough fundraising?  Check out your cookie dough options here, or call 1-866-891-0053 to speak with a cookie dough fundraising consultant.

Want to know more about cookie dough and many more fantastic fundraisers?  Get your free fundraising product guide.

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