5 Reasons Why Cookie Dough Fundraiser is the Fastest?

5 Reasons Why Cookie Dough Fundraiser is the Fastest?

1. No Risk!

Cookie dough fundraising through facilitators like often have no-risk or low-risk methods of bringing the dream of your cookie dough fundraiser to life. There is no payment up front, and no investment to be made outside of your supporters and team members’ responsibility to turn in the payment for their own purchases. You will only be invoiced for what you order, when you order, and only when you’re ready to order!

2. Free Shipping!

Can you imagine how much it would cost to deliver, for example, 20 cases of cookie dough? For 120 boxes (at 6 per case) the delivery fees would border on over $100 just to mail it to a commercial address, if not for the benefit of free shipping policies. As an example, will offer free shipping for 20 cases or more. The best part is that it’s only $4.50 for each case you’re short, in the off chance that 20 is too many… yet another reason cookie dough is a fast growing fundraising opportunity among schools—Schools rarely order fewer than 20 cases. In some schools, 20 cases isn’t even enough for one classroom! A free shipping policy is always one worth taking advantage of and this is trending with many schools today.

3. Up to 55% profit

Cookie dough has a very high profit return among schools for a few key reasons. For one, schools have children and children love cookies! The profit generates itself with that kind of demand. What’s more, the low priced bulk ordering and free shipping services jump start the revenue potentials right from the beginning.

4. Choice and Variety!

Popular cookie dough brands that cater to the Fundraising business, like Otis Spunkmeyer, give their clients the choice and selection to suit the needs of parents, supporters, groups, teams and students with a specific preference for their palate! You might even have the option of pre-portioned ones, meaning they’re oven-ready. If that kind of convenience is what you’re looking for, you won’t need a cookie cutter… not even a spoon! The choice is yours.

5. Getting started is FREE

Most fundraising businesses will give you the ease of addressing all of your inquiries with one telephone call. One call to 1-866-891-0053 will yield free cookie dough fundraising brochures and kits that can be distributed to dozens, even hundreds of members within your campaign. If you don’t end up doing the fundraiser, just send the brochures back.

How to start:

Get your free cookie dough fundraiser brochures by calling 1-866-891-0053.

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