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Your Cookbook Fundraiser

Learn how to cook up funds with a cookbook fundraiser!  A cookbook fundraiser is a fun opportunity for friends and neighbors to share their culinary secrets, so its a perfect way for you to raise funds.

Everyone likes to have great recipes to show off their culinary skills. Usually you trust recipes more if they are from someone you know than if they’re just from a search on the Internet.  Now, imagine having a cookbook filled with recipes just from people you know!  Or going to a bake sale fundraiser, trying an absolutely to die for dessert and just HAVING to have that recipe!  This is where a cookbook fundraiser makes a great appearance.

Selling cookbooks as an extra fundraiser at a bake sale that encompasses all the goodies you’ve tried and more is a great way to add extra profits to your bake sale.  Or simply gathering a whole bunch of recipes from your group and putting them together makes a very nice holiday gift.  It’s great, it’s personal and you can usually earn around 90% profit or more per book!

So how do you get your cookbook fundraiser together?  First, you have to gather all your recipes.  Once you do, then you have to decide on the look of your cookbook.  Do you want a soft or hard cover?  What kind of binding style would you like?  Do you want divider features or tabs? Do you want colored paper or colored ink?  How many do you want to print?  All of these factors as well as how many recipes are in your cookbook are what are taken into consideration for your cost.

Once the design is in place, you place your order and VOILA!  Your cookbook is ready.

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Happy cookbook fundraising!!!


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