Cookie Dough Fundraising  For Back to School

Cookie Dough Fundraising For Back to School

Cookie dough fundraising is a super choice for back to school fundraising!  Find out more about the amazing fundraising powers of cookie dough!

In the spirit of the back to school fundraising season,we’re saluting cookie dough as our fundraising product of the month!

Why cookie dough?  Why for back to school?  Because cookie dough is one of the best back to school fundraising products around!  Here’s why:

The Timing is Right

It’s only natural that when school starts up, people start thinking about the holidays again, and there’s nothing more convenient than ready to bake, gourmet frozen cookie dough for when holiday guests drop by for a visit.  This is a great selling point for your fundraising team.

And of course, just as the sunny weather is cooling off, you can warm everyone’s hearts with the home baked tastes of fresh cookie goodness!

The Profits are Perfection- Cookie Dough Fundraising

You can make up to 50% profit with most cookie dough fundraisers, which adds up to a lot of “dough” when each order of cookie dough usually sells for between $10 and $15.

Also, a large group like a school can usually sell a significant amount of cookie dough for one fundraiser.  Just think, if each student at your school sells just 3 orders of cookie dough at $12 per order, and half of that is pure profit… just how much would you make?  Quite a bit, I imagine!

It’s a Product People Actually Want to Buy

Tired of selling things that no one wants to buy, or aren’t good quality?  Cookie dough changes all that!  The convenience is unbeatable, and of course, there’s no denying the quality, and delectable taste of scrumptious fundraising cookie dough.

Check out our cookie dough how-to video!

It Comes With a Built-in Motivator

If you choose a cookie dough fundraising like this one, you’ll get quality, fast-selling, gourmet cookie dough… and a free prize program to motivate students!

You can choose between 2 different prize programs – one that rewards participants with unique toys, games and gadgets, or another that offers free tubs of cookie dough to successful participants.

You do have to have at least 10 participants to qualify for a free prize program, but most schools typically have well over 10 students.

So what are you waiting for?  If you need a school fundraiser that’s fast, fun and effective, there’s just might be no better choice than cookie dough!

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