The Scouts Outdoor Cookbook

The Scouts Outdoor Cookbook

Getting tired of making the same old camp recipes? Well now with The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook, you don’t have to!

With recipes created by Scouts, for Scouts, you’ll love these great outdoor cooking recipes, and so will any other camping fan, making this a great fundraising idea!

Nearly two hundred outdoor chefs were consulted to create over 300 recipes in this book. What makes this book a favorite of Scouts across America is that are plenty of recipes for every outdoor cooking situation. An icon next to each recipe tells you what type of equipment is required, including a Dutch oven with coals, a skillet on fire, a cookpot on camp stove, foil or other direct heating source on a grill, a campfire, specifically for backpacking or no heat source required.

There are recipes for all levels, for all meals, from breakfast to dessert! There are also some safe cooking habits and all meals have good nutrition kept in mind.

To get your tastebuds going, here are a few examples of  recipes you will find: Fiesta Omelet, Bear Valley Tortillas,  Hunter’s Roast Beast,  Pow Wow Lasagna, Backcountry Over-Stuffed Fish, Grandma’s Sweet Hungarian Orange Bread, Oooey Gooey Extwa Toowy Bwownies, Camp Webster Cheesecake, and Fireside Punch.

Okay, okay, I know that by now everyone wants a copy of this cookbook, whether you’re a Scout or not! The list price for this book is $19.95. If you would like to purchase it for yourself or a friend. If you would like to purchase it to use as a fundraiser cookbook you can get a 50% discount off the list price with a minimum order of 10 cookbooks. All you have to do is contact Amy Alexander at Globe Pequot Press.

Enjoy The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook!

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