GoodSearch: Searching for Charity and Schools

GoodSearch: Searching for Charity and Schools

One of our readers here at USA Fundraising recently alerted us to GoodSearch – a unique search engine that let’s you make your everyday searches count.

when you use GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo) to find information on the web about anything from fundraising ideas, to exciting vacation spots, to research for your kid’s science project, GoodSearch will make a donation to the school or charity of your choice.

How Do You Use It?

Register your school or charity:

You can register your school or charity to participate in the GoodSearch program at  Please note that the organization must be a registered non profit.

Support a school or charity:

Type the name of a school or charity you would like to support into the “Who Do You GoodSearch For?” bar and click “verify” to see if they are registered with GoodSearch.

Spread the word:

You can also help spread the word about GoodSearch by sending emails, promoting it on your own site, downloading their toolbar and more.  You can find out about all the ways you can help spread the word here:

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