Google for Non-Profits!

Google for Non-Profits!

Great news! Google just launched a new portal for non profits!

Are you looking for new ways and tools in order for your non-profit to save time, money, as well as increase traffic and donations to your website?

Well there is a great new portal for you: Google for Non-Profits! This site is full of tools and tutorials to help you out.

My two favorite ones are the Checkout and the Google Grants. Checkout allows your non-profit to collect donations online and process them for free. Yes, I said for FREE! There are no monthly, setup, or gateway fees until 2009! Google Grants allows your non-profit to have free advertising online using Adwords. Yup, you read correctly again, FREE advertising using Adwords. Talk about ways to increase traffic to your website! Check to see if your non-profit is eligible. The site has great tutorials explaining all the details on how everything works.

On top of these two great tools, you can also find the standard Google features included such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Analytics, YouTube, Blogger, Maps & Earth and Gadgets.

They also offer a newsletter so that you can keep in touch on the latest tools for non-profits. What’s great is that they promise not to send you more than 1 email per month.

Enjoy your new Google Non-Profit tools:-)

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