Top 10 High School Fundraising Ideas

Top 10 High School Fundraising Ideas

High School fundraising can be simple and exciting with these ten ideas.

Cookie Dough Sale

Let’s face it: people love cookies. When supporters see a brochure of mouth-watering flavors conveniently packaged in resealable tubs, it’s hard for them to say no. Supporters will appreciate the luxury of eating gourmet cookies at home. Get step-by-step fundraising instructions on how to run a

Cookie Dough fundraiser

T-Shirt and Design Raffle

100% cotton tees are easily customized with your colors or logo. Can’t think of a design? Charge artists a small fee to enter a design raffle and vote on the winner. The creator of the winning design gets a free t-shirt.

Lollipop Sale- High School fundraising Ideas

Selling lollipops is a simple and profitable way to raise money. Children and adults alike will find it hard to resist the low price and delicious flavors. Lollipops are easy to carry, affordable, and can be sold anywhere.

Car Wash

Busy drivers appreciate a good carwash. Recruit students to be in charge of washing, rinsing, and drying. Bring a portable vacuum and glass cleaner to charge extra for interior cleaning. More

Car wash fundraising tips 

50/50 Raffle- High School fundraising Ideas

These simple raffles can generate a huge profit. Participants sell raffle tickets and offer the winner 50% of the amount collected. The more tickets supporters buy, the greater the payout!

Car Smash

What better way to relieve stress than to host a car smash? Contact a local insurance company or junkyard and ask them to donate a car with all fluids removed. Display the car at your location and charge participants a fee to smash the car with a hammer. Make sure to adhere to proper safety precautions. This event is intense!

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Gift Basket Raffle
Why host the same boring bake sale? Instead, have students assemble themed gift baskets from donated items, such as sports equipment, beauty products, etc. Supporters purchase tickets and choose their theme.

Windshield Washing- High School fundraising Ideas
Partner with a local fast food restaurant and offer to squeegee customers’ windshields as they enter the drive-thru.

Gift Wrapping
An easy way to raise money around the holidays is to set up a gift wrapping station in the mall or in a store. Invest in wrapping paper, scissors, and tape, and offer to wrap shoppers’ purchases so they don’t have to.

Chili Cooking Contest- High School fundraising Ideas
Encourage people to search for their favorite secret recipes and enter a chili cook-off. Chefs can pay an entry fee to participate and tasters can pay to sample the food. Offer the winning chef a cash prize.

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